World Seabird Day 2024

As you might’ve guessed – we like our seabirds here. Check out all the ways we celebrate seabirds at the Center for Ecosystem Sentinels: Student YouTube Videos We bring to you a new video: Taken from the Skies, by Samanth-Lynn Martinez. This video does not mince words about the damage we are doing to our seabird populations. Share this call to action with your friends: Putting side the many videos of penguins we have on our channel, we also have: 🦅 From gannets to shearwaters, earn about the seabirds in New Zealand and the Galápagos Islands! Student: Timothy Kenney Quarter: […]

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World Ocean Day 2024

Don’t know how to celebrate World Ocean Day this year? We have a few ideas: This year’s World Ocean Day theme this year is “One Ocean. One Climate. One Future.” One of Dee’s BIOL 305 students, Giovanna Esquivel, created this powerful PSA reminding us how our actions impact our world. Whether you’ve never been to the ocean or you go every day, what we use on land like plastics and fertilizer that we use end up in the ocean. Many of our Video Storytelling students found inspiration in the ocean. Here are a few student-shot snorkeling videos that they created

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Dr. Dee Boersma will be a playable character in new board game Waddle Waddle

That’s right- Dee will be featured in a board game! Joining her are Dr. Pablo “Popi” Boroboroglu, Dr. Heather Lynch, Dr. Lloyd Spencer Davis, Dylan deNapoli, and Dr. Katrin Ludynia. Get a $5 discount on your own copy of Waddle Waddle by signing up for updates on their GameFound site. Here’s what Brush-Tail Games said about adding Dee to the game: We are excited to reveal the identity of our third official Penguin Hero, Dr. P Dee Boersma! It’s safe to say that there is no one who has studied and conserved penguins longer than Dee Boersma. Dee has been

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Dr. Eric Wagner featured on podcast Raising Kind Humans

Dr. Eric Wagner talked with Katie Doughty, host of the podcast Raising Kind Humans, about parenting, penguins, and protecting the planet. Find the link to the podcast below, or wherever you download your other podcasts. Raising Kind Humans, episode 56 Katie also wrote a couple of children’s books starring penguins. Follow Team Kind Humans on Instagram @katie_doughty

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