World Seabird Day 2024

As you might’ve guessed – we like our seabirds here. Check out all the ways we celebrate seabirds at the Center for Ecosystem Sentinels:

Student YouTube Videos

We bring to you a new video: Taken from the Skies, by Samanth-Lynn Martinez. This video does not mince words about the damage we are doing to our seabird populations. Share this call to action with your friends:

Putting side the many videos of penguins we have on our channel, we also have:

🦅 From gannets to shearwaters, earn about the seabirds in New Zealand and the Galápagos Islands!

Student: Timothy Kenney
Quarter: Spring 2018

🪶 Why is the Flightless Cormorant…well, flightless? Learn how the Flightless Cormorant’s anatomy differs from other Cormorants.

Student: Naomi Graham
Quarter: Spring 2019

đź’™ Dive into the life of the Blue-Footed Booby

Student: Carly McCray
Quarter: Spring 2018

Recent Research

Here’s a look at some of our more recent research about seabirds, including petrals, auklets, and (of course) penguins:

How Can You Help?

The Center for Ecosystem Sentinels relies on private donations to keep the science going. Donate today to help us help the seabirds!

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