Center paper finalist for Cozzarelli Prize

The paper “Climate presses and pulses mediate the decline of a migratory predator”,” published last year ” is the finalist for the Cozzarelli Prize in the category Class VI: Applied Biological, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. Congrats to former Abrahms Lab postdoc Dr.T. J. Clark-Wolf, Dr. Dee Boersma, Dr. Ginger A. Rebstock, and Dr. Briana Abrahms! Read the full press release on the PNAS website.

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Dr. Dee Boersma awarded Godman Salvin Prize

Dr. Dee Boersma received the British Ornithological Union’s Godman Salvin Prize on February 23, 2024, during the Pacific Seabird Group’s annual conference banquet. The Godman Salvin Prize is awarded by BOU Council to honor an individual’s distinguished ornithological work. Recent Godman Salvin Prize recipients include Professor Cao Lei (2023), Professor Nick Davies (2022) and Professor Theunis Piersma (2020). The Committee commended Dee’s excellence in scientific research, practical conservation, scientific monitoring, and dissemination of science for public awareness, noting in particular her devotion to documenting the myriad aspects of what makes penguin’s lives what they are. Congratulations Dee! Read the full,

Dr. Dee Boersma awarded Godman Salvin Prize Read More »

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