Penguin Videos

These videos–created in part by both The Center and University of Washington students–give an overview on the plights of penguins around the world. These can also be found on our Center for Ecosystem Sentinels YouTube channel.

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Punta Tombo, Argentina

A selection of both Center for Ecosystem Sentinels and student-made videos about Magellanic penguins in Punta Tombo, Argentina.

The Galápagos

Science communication videos about the most rare species of penguin in the world–Galápagos penguins in the Galápagos Islands.

Other Penguins of the World

While The Center only has long-term studies on Magellanic and Galápagos penguins, these videos touch on the plight of other penguin species.

World Penguin Day PSAs

Created by students at the University of Washington, these minute-long videos are informal, engaging, and accessible for all audiences.

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