TED Talks

“What Animal Tracking Tells Us About Global Change” (TEDxLakesideSchool, February 2020)

In this TED Talk, Dr. Abrahms discusses her work as a wildlife ecologist studying how large scale animal movements can provide information about terrestrial and marine systems.

“Accounting for Externalities” (TedXRainier, November 2014)

In this TED Talk, Dee Boersma makes the case for considering the costs that other species and our environment bears in exchange for much of the profits companies make.

“Pay Attention to Penguins” (TED talk, April 2010)

Think of penguins as ocean sentinels, says Dr. Boersma — they’re on the frontlines of sea change. Sharing stories of penguin life and culture, she suggests that we start listening to what penguins are telling us.

Pay Attention to Penguins Remastered (Animation based on TedXRainier)

An animated infographic depicting one of the highlights from Dr. Boersma’s 2014 TedXRainier talk. Credits to Daniel Ringold and Maranatha Wilson.

Other Talks & Presentations

“Penguins! Past, Present, and the Future” (The Bruce Museum, June 2023)
Discover how Dr. Boersma and her team of researchers banded over 40,000 Magellanic Penguins in Punta Tombo and find out what lies ahead for future penguin conservation.

“Meet the Scientist: Briana Abrahms” (Big Biology podcast, March 2022)

In this Meet the Scientist, the Big Biology podcast spoke to Briana Abrahms from University of Washington about Darwin and what about modern technology would surprise him most. To listen to the full episode where they discuss interface of biology and resource management, check out their website: https://www.bigbiology.org/

“Penguins as Ocean Sentinels” (New England Aquarium, November 2014)

Long-term studies of penguins demonstrate that they are constantly facing new challenges. If humans are to mitigate their impact on wildlife, we must use science to inform decisions and pay more of the true environmental cost of our actions. Paying the true costs of environmental damage is an important tool humans can use to reduce the impact of our growing population on the planet.

“The Penguins of Patagonia” (Aquarium of the Pacific, August, 2014)

Dr. Boersma shares stories about the lives of Magellanic Penguins in the deserts of Patagonia and discusses some of the more impressive penguin facts.

“Penguin Protection Critical on World Penguin Day” (Pew, April 2013)

Researchers Dee Boersma and Pablo Boroborglu of the Global Penguin Society describe their work in studying and protecting these precious species and how others can help.

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