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Wildlife is telling us the state of our planet. We listen. We take action.

Wildlife and wild places enrich human life. Just as canaries alerted coal miners to dangerous air quality, ecosystem sentinels alert us to natural or human caused environmental changes. We train the next generation of scientists and make a positive contribution to sentinel species and their habitats.

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What's New at the Center:

  • Dr. Boersma is a finalist for the 2018 Indianapolis Prize! Visit the Indianapolis Prize page to learn more about the award and the other 5 incredible conservation biologists honored.

    Dr. Boersma
  • A new paper on Galápagos penguins by grad student Caroline Cappello and Dr. Boersma just went up on Endangered Species Research! Learn what our long-term study in the Galápagos Islands has taught us about differentiating males and females from just one measurement.

    Caroline Cappello
  • Our friends at the Global Penguin Society stumbled across a penguin in the field that we banded as a chick in Punta Tombo nearly 32 years ago. Read more about the chance encounter here.

    Global Penguin Society
  • Our Fall 2017 Newsletter was just sent out to our subscribers, including an official announcement of the Center for Ecosystem Sentinels. Read it to learn more about our mission and hear all our recent field updates.

    The Center
  • Odile Stern, a New York City artist and renowned eclectic collector, donated her penguin collection to the Boersma Chair in Natural History and Conservation at the University of Washington. Learn more about her story and see her collection here.

    Odile Stern

Magellanic Penguin

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Galápagos Penguin

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