Our Mission

Wildlife is telling us the state of our planet. We listen. We take action.

Wildlife and wild places enrich human life. Just as canaries alerted coal miners to dangerous air quality, ecosystem sentinels alert us to natural or human caused environmental changes. We train the next generation of scientists and make a positive contribution to sentinel species and their habitats.

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What's New at the Center:

  • Dr. Boersma’s alma mater recently published an article recognizing her contributions to conservation science. Read it on their website.

    Dr. Boersma
  • In a new open access paper published in Conservation Biology, Dr. Boersma, Dr. Gownaris, and Dr. Borboroglu identify three penguin species most in need of conservation action. Read that paper here.

    Dr. Gownaris & Dr. Boersma
  • Congratulations to our friend and colleague Pablo (Popi) Borboroglu for winning the Rolex Award for Enterprise 2019 as an Associate Laureate! Read more about Popi and his Rolex project here!

    Dr. Pablo García Borboroglu
  • Here is what one of the world experts on handedness, Leslie Rogers, had to say about a paper published by Center scientists Dr. Rebstock & Dr. Boersma on May 20th: “To my knowledge, this is the first paper reporting lateralization of behaviour and structure in penguins. It is a comprehensive study and will make a valuable comparison to the study of lateralization in birds and other vertebrates.”

    Dr. Rebstock & Dr. Boersma
  • Congratulations to Dr. Sue Moore on being shortlisted as a finalist for the 2019 IASC Medal, awarded in recognition of exceptional and sustained contributions to the understanding of the Arctic!

    Dr. Sue Moore

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