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Wildlife is telling us the state of our planet. We listen. We take action.

Wildlife and wild places enrich human life. Just as canaries alerted coal miners to dangerous air quality, ecosystem sentinels alert us to natural or human caused environmental changes. We train the next generation of scientists and make a positive contribution to sentinel species and their habitats.

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What's New at the Center:

  • Congratulations to Dr. Sue Moore on being shortlisted as a finalist for the 2019 IASC Medal, awarded in recognition of exceptional and sustained contributions to the understanding of the Arctic!

    Dr. Sue Moore
  • In February, Dr. Wagner and Dr. Boersma’s paper on feeding behavior of the Magellanic penguin was published in the journal, Animal Behavior. An article by James Urton discussing the paper can be read here.

    Dr. Eric Wagner & Dr. Dee Boersma
  • To start the New Year off right, a paper by Dr. Natasha Gownaris and Dr. Dee Boersma on the sex-biased survival of Magellanic Penguins was published on January 2nd in Ecological Applications. An article by James Urton discussing their findings can be read here.

    Dr. Natasha Gownaris
  • A paper on the affects that harsh winters have on the reproductive success of Magellanic Penguins in Punta Tombo was published by Center Scientists Dr. Ginger Rebstock and Dr. Dee Boersma in Marine Ecology Progress Series. You can find a summary of the paper by James Urton here.

    Dr. Ginger Rebstock
  • Dee and Caroline visited the Galápagos after earthquakes and during volcanic eruptions and found the penguins doing well! Read the blog post they wrote about their trip on the Galapagos Conservancy website.

    Dr. Boersma & Caroline Cappello

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