Our Mission

Wildlife is telling us the state of our planet. We listen. We take action.

Wildlife and wild places enrich human life. Just as canaries alerted coal miners to dangerous air quality, ecosystem sentinels alert us to natural or human caused environmental changes. We train the next generation of scientists and make a positive contribution to sentinel species and their habitats.

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    What's New at the Center:

    • Caroline Capello and Dee put out a paper in Ecology about phenological shifts that have affected the Magellanic penguin colony at Punta Tombo, Argentina. These shifts have led to a compressed breeding period for the penguins. Read more about the shifts we’re seeing and their implications here

      New Magellanic Penguin Phenology Paper
    • We want to share an exciting opportunity to join us for an extraordinary voyage to Russia’s East Siberia next July. This trip will be led by 3 Center scientists; Dee Boersma, Sue Moore and Nigella Hillgarth and will take you to parts of the High Arctic, including Wrangell Island, where polar bears and walruses live in uneasy company. Very few travelers have visited this area, which until recently was accessible only by special permission. You can find out more about this trip and how to sign up here

      Take a Cruise with CES
    • The American Academy of Arts and Sciences “honors the excellence and leadership of exceptional people from all disciplines and practices.” Read about it on their website.

      Dr. Boersma has been elected a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    • We have a Postdoctoral Scholar position available examining whale-ship interactions at a global scale https://apply.interfolio.com/86253
      Deadline: June 1st, 2021

      Exciting opportunity with the Abrahms lab!
    • Dr. Boersma was honored as a finalist at the 2018 Indianapolis Prize Gala in September. Visit the Indianapolis Prize page to learn more about the award and the other incredible conservation biologists honored along with 2018 Global Wildlife Ambassador honoree Harrison Ford.

      Dr. Dee Boersma

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