Sarah Romero

Lab Manager

Lab Phone: 206-616-2791

I grew up in a military family so I moved a lot but most of my time was spent in California, Oregon, Alaska and Tennessee. Experiencing such diversity fueled a passion for understanding how natural systems work, particularly the food web. I did my bachelors and first masters at UC Davis, where I focused on Animal Nutrition. After graduation, I used that background to work with zoos and conservation groups to better understand what resources animals used to meet their nutritional needs in the wild and how to better represent those needs in captivity. This work led to several international positions as well as serving as the animal nutritionists for several zoos including Woodland Park Zoo, here in Seattle.

Along the way, I discovered a passion for leadership and organizational strategies. This led to a second masters from City University, Seattle in Program Management. I further developed these skills working as a research program coordinator for the Department of Comparative Medicine at the University of Washington but I always missed working in conservation. I am thrilled to be joining the Center for Ecosystem Sentinels where I will be able to combine both my research background and my program management skills to support the center’s mission.