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Placement of flipper bands, containing a six number identifier, plays a vital role in our field studies of the Magellanic penguins. Many penguins were banded as chicks or juveniles and sighting records determine the penguin is alive, age of the penguin, monitor individual’s body condition, and track mates and offspring. Bands also allow is to monitor immigration and emigration between the three main colonies in Argentina: Punta Tombo, Cabo dos Bahias, and San Lorenzo. Our field studies are based out of the large colony at Punta Tombo and due to time constraints only visit the other colonies periodically. Some banded birds will go years without being sighted and finding them documents they are still alive. If you are travelling to any of these colonies you can participate in the exciting search. When you see a banded birds snap a photo of the band (band number must be visible in the photo) and upload it using the form below. We will reply and tell you what we know about that penguin.

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