Alexis Ajluni

Lab Manager and Research Assistant

Lab Phone: 206-616-2791

I grew up near the coast of Northern California surrounded by ocean, forest, and mountains, and it was here that I discovered my desire to learn more about the natural processes of our world. After moving to Seattle to pursue a degree in biology at Seattle University, I found myself even more enamored with animals and driven to understand the interactions between wildlife and humans. As an undergrad, I worked closely with my ecology professor to set up camera traps at various Seattle public parks to identify which mesocarnivores live there and which ecosystems they prefer. As a result, I found myself drawn to the field of conservation.

In October of 2018, the Center for Ecosystem Sentinels sent me to Punta Tombo, Argentina to study Magellanic penguins for two months. While in South America, I expanded my understanding of the difficult lives that seabirds live. In December of 2018, I began working full time in the lab and am now the lab manager. As I grow with the lab by strengthening my SQL skills, I also intend to expand our outreach and citizen science efforts.